The Undebeatables - Extras 15: Coalson's Top 25 Pacers

On the news of David West’s retirement from the NBA, your Undebeatables have decided to revisit the Bartender’s fluid Favorite 25 Pacers of All-Time list. In preparation for that episode next week we offer up the recordings of his original list 4 seasons ago. You are welcome to send your angry tweets now or save them until next week, because none of this makes any sense.

The Undebeatables - Episode 329: Lit AF

We've got plenty to catch up on after a short hiatus for the show.  We cover all the moves the Pacers made, pour out a little beer, and discuss the other major moves around the League.  We'll also get a Joey's Stat of the Week and dole out plenty of our patented brand of nonsense.  Go Pacers!

Halftime:  Razor Blades by Clint Breeze