A (non-verbal) conversation with David West

It’s a poorly kept secret that while we at The Undebeatbles love each Pacer unconditionally. One of our favorites is our spiritual and emotional leader, David West. I recently had the chance to sit down with the team’s leader in collective will, and here’s a snippet of the conversation we had.

The Doctor: David, thanks for sitting down and taking the time to talk. Not sure if you know this, but I’m actually a Xavier graduate as well. We actually overlapped a bit, and I even drove you in the shuttle a couple times. So, GO MUSKIES! Do you keep in touch with the team? How do you feel about their chances this year?


The Doctor: OK, OK. I’m a little less bullish than you, but moving to the Big East will be good for the program overall. Enough reminiscing, let’s talk about these Pacers. Your role on this team is as a leader, veteran and mentor...does that make you feel old?


The Doctor: Whoa, big fella! Don’t overreact. I’m just saying we’re not spring chickens anymore. To be fair, you’re still killing it out there and leading this team to a 10-1 record. What are your general feelings about this team?


The Doctor: I totally agree!!! Glad to hear that the feeling in the locker room is similar to the giddiness that we as fans have. I love watching this team play. You guys definitely pull for one another. Do you feel like you’re in the best sports relationship of your life? Like, do you buy each other surprise gifts and give random hugs and stuff?


The Doctor: Yeah, ok, maybe not. But you guys definitely get along, right? The chemistry seems amazing.


The Doctor: Awesome. That’s especially good, because you’re going to need it to do the things this team wants to accomplish. There are teams out there standing in your way. Obviously, Miami has LeBron and are reigning champs, Brooklyn has a deep and experienced team, and Chicago just beat your pants off. Do you fear any of these teams?


The Doctor: That’s what I thought. Eff those guys. OK, David, I’ll let you get out of here. Good luck with the season, I look forward to celebrating in June!!!