The UndebeatAwards (NBA Predictions)

On the eve of our second annual UndebeatAwards (NBA), it only seemed fair to show you the results from last year. With such information, you may or may not choose to take our predictions in upcoming Episode 56 straight to Vegas. 

UndebeatAwards 2013 (NBA)*

*Not to be confused with UndebeatAwards (Pacers) or Fanatsy UndebeataCup


Nominees/Shoutouts: Kevin Durant, LeBron James
Undebeatable Consensus: LeBron James
Actual Winner: Lebron James

Rookie of the Year

Nominees/Shoutouts: Bradley Beal, Anthony Davis, Damien Lillard
Undebeatable Consensus: Damien Lillard
Actual Winner: Damien Lillard

6th Man of the Year

Nominees/Shoutouts: Jarret Jack, Jamal Crawford, JR Smith, Tyler Hansborogh, Magic Fans
Undebeatable Split Ballot: JR Smith/Jamal Crawford
Actual Winner: JR Smith

Most Improved Player

Nominees/Shoutouts: Paul George, Jarret Jack, Larry Sanders, Jrue Holiday, James Harden, Goran Dragic, Lance Stephenson, Steph Curry, Greivis Vasquez, Nikola Vucevic
Undebeatable Consensus: James Harden
Actual Winner: Paul George

Defensive Player of the Year

Nominees/Shoutouts: Joakim Noah, Marc Gasol, LeBron James, Roy Hibbert
Undebeatable Split Ballot: Marc Gasol/Joakim Noah
Actual Winner: Marc Gasol

Coach of the Year

Nominees/Shoutouts: Frank Vogel/Tom Thibodeau, Greg Popovich, George Karl, Mike Woodson, Mark Jackson
Undebeatable Consensus: Frank Vogel
Actual Winner: George Karl (fired during off-season)


Tune in next week for all the bold predictions/waffling/erroneous selections that is the UndebeatAwards!