Doppleganger Pacers

New Hickory.jpg

I've been having a hard time this fall. Don't worry, it's nothing serious. My NBA league pass hasn't been working so I've been unable to watch any Pacers games this season. It's been hard, but I get all the latest recaps and updates from my ESPN Sports Center App and on the weekly Pacers podcast, The Undebeatables. 

Since last Friday's game against the Heat was aired on ESPN and I pay for a cable subscription*, I have access to the Watch ESPN app. I heated up some leftover Thai, popped open a beer, turned on my Roku and watched my boys in blue and gold go up against the Miami Heat. 

So imagine my surprise when instead of my beloved Pacers playing against the Heat, a team dressed in Red and Gold with the word "Hickory" on their chests was instead on the court? Where were my beloved Pacers? A team, with just "Hickory" on their uniforms, seemed to have taken the place of the entire Pacers squad. 

Now, at first I was obviously disappointed. But, I must say, the boys from Hickory played very well. And in many ways bore a striking resemblance to the Pacersnot just in appearances but also in playing styles. 

Hickory beat the Miami Heat, which for some reason, the Pacers were able to take credit for that win, so thanks guys! 

*Don't fact check this