From Brooklyn to LA

The Pacers season has started, and I am reminded once again that Lance Stephenson is no longer with us. 

Lance had a decent spurt on the Pacers Squad, making it to the Eastern Conference Finals two years in a row. Born in Coney Island, Brooklyn, he has ridden the famed Cyclone Roller Coaster no less than five times each year since he was born. (Don't fact check this). Lance left Indiana for Charlotte last year, and did not have a great time. 

Lance is what some would call a "difficult" player. Stephen A Smith called him an "x factor" because you don't know what to expect from him, but Stephen A Smith has also said many dumb things, such as "women provoke violence", and many, other, idiotic things, so not sure if we should listen to him. But Lance is emotional, and maybe that's why I liked him. Like him. 

Lance is playing for the Clippers this year, a team I love, but that many people seem to hate. I love them because Billy Crystal loves them, because for years they were the underdogs of L.A., and Blake Griffin was adorable on Sesame Street. Earlier this week on Instagram, Lance posted a photo of himself outside the Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets, The New York Islanders, and a personal day care for Blue Ivy (again, don't fact check this), with the headline "From Brooklyn to LA". 

I wondered what Lance was doing there. If he was really on his way to LA, it would be weird to stop on his commute there and take a picture at the Barclays Center. The Atlantic Ave/Barclays Center is a subway hub that connects to nine trains and the Long Island Rail Road System. Now if Lance is flying to LA, which would make sense, LaGuardia is in Queens, and the JFK International Airport is in Brooklyn. I'm assuming he would fly out of JFK, as LaGuardia is a hot pile of garbage. But maybe he was at Atlantic Ave/Barclays because he was transferring to LIRR to take the train out to JFK. I'm just very confused as to what his route was to get from his home in Coney Island to the airpot. Can't imagine he was taking the D from Coney Island, to transfer to the 3 to Penn Station to then take a train to the Newark Airport. Seems too complex. And not at all a convenient option for a man who can afford convenience. 

If it was just to show a representation of Brooklyn, and where you're from and where you're going...come on man, you're from CONEY ISLAND. Take a picture there. 

In any case, very excited for this Pacers Season and the return of Paul George, but will forever wonder what brought Lance to Barclays Center on his way to Los Angeles.