The Undebeatables - Episode 040: Floating Heads and Limbs

Happy Holidays from The Undebeatables! Pour yourself an egg nog and get caught up on all things Pacers. In episode 40, the boys recap the week's games, talk Danny Granger's return, Mike Woodson's future, the debacle that is the Eastern Conference, and much, much more. We wish you health and happiness in the coming year.

Halftime: Beggars by Scoot Dubbs

Links for Episode 40

  1. Perla Chmielowa
  2. Elysian Men's Room Ale
  3. Josh Harrellson is an NBA player
  4. Frank Vogel feature in NUVO
  5. Zach Lowe on Pacers vs. Heat
  6. Mike Woodson is in trouble
  7. Eastern Conference pre-season predictions