The Undebeatables - Extras 15: Coalson's Top 25 Pacers

On the news of David West’s retirement from the NBA, your Undebeatables have decided to revisit the Bartender’s fluid Favorite 25 Pacers of All-Time list. In preparation for that episode next week we offer up the recordings of his original list 4 seasons ago. You are welcome to send your angry tweets now or save them until next week, because none of this makes any sense.

The Undebeatables - Episode 329: Lit AF

We've got plenty to catch up on after a short hiatus for the show.  We cover all the moves the Pacers made, pour out a little beer, and discuss the other major moves around the League.  We'll also get a Joey's Stat of the Week and dole out plenty of our patented brand of nonsense.  Go Pacers!

Halftime:  Razor Blades by Clint Breeze


The Undebeatables - Episode 325: Green-Fuffle

This week we cover the wild first game of the inevitable NBA Finals between GSW and the Cavs.  Also, we get Joey's Stat of the Week and discuss the strange days in Philly and the future of Colangelo.  Go Pacers!