The Undebeatables - Episode 298: El Hombre Indestructible

While the NBA takes the week off for All-Star break, the Undebeatables are hard at work planning the Pacers' future, debating playoff reseeding, and learning about Valentine's Day! Plus, figure out your NBA spirit player with Joey's Stat of the Week. And if you like us, help us out by using this link when you use Amazon. Thanks!

Halftime: The Time Has Come by Scoot Dubbs

  1. Adam Silver's Press Conference
  2. Jersey Numbers!
  3. Valentine's Day
  4. Amazon Link

The Undebeatables - Episode 294: Cool Catch Phrases After Somebody Gets Eaten

What's the matter, Pacer Nation? Cat eating your entire body? The NBA trade deadline has arrived! This Thursday the boys breakdown NBA trades, the dunk contest field including Victor Oladipo, IT's historically bad defense, and a progress report on Glenn Robinson III. Plus, hairball impressions. 

Halftime: 1999 by John Stamps

  1. TRADES!
  2. IT's D
  3. Mad Ants
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The Undebeatables - Episode 292: Suggested Outside Reading

Your favorite Pacer podcasters tackle the NBA All-Star game, season ending injuries around the Association, Dragon Ball Z, and the Bartender makes a plethora of bold predictions. Plus, should Myles Turner continue to come off the bench? Is Nate McMillan Coach of the Year? Is David West still playing the tuba? 

R.I.P Rasual Butler

Halftime: Outbound 37 by David Peck


  1. De'Aron Fox and Dragon Ball Z
  2. NBA All-Star Picks
  3. D West and the Pels
  4. Coach of the Year?