The Undebeatables - Episode 393: Trouble With Quibbles

Your favorite Pacer fans mop up the Conference Finals and give their picks on the NBA Finals. Plus, All-NBA teams and All-Defense teams were released. We think there may have been an internet typo, because Myles Turner didn’t make any list. And, yes, you guessed it already, no one laughs at Coalson’s nerdy Star Trek joke.

The Undebeatables - Episode 386: Lockbox In My Soul

This week the boys hand out their year-end Pacer awards and prep you for the upcoming playoff matchup against the Boston Celtics. It won’t be easy, but your team has been exceeding expectations all year. How will they get it done? Give us a listen.

Halftime: When I Fall In Love by Emmet Cohen


  1. Mailbag

  2. Wizdom

  3. Pacer Playoff Primer

The Undebeatables - Episode 384: Get Wet!

What are the Pacers’ playoff chances against the Celtics? When is the last time the Spurs didn’t make the playoffs? How do slugs have sex? Your Undebeatables tackle all of that, plus give out their NBA season Undebeatawards.

Halftime: The Forgotten by L.I.F.E. the Legend

The Undebeatables - Episode 364: Crossroads of Opportunity

Victor Oladipo is down! Stay strong, Vic! We appreciate all you do for the Pacers. We will miss you for the rest of the season. But where does the team go from here? How do we move on as fans? Join the Host and the Bartender as they travel south to Memphis for Undebeatacon.

The Undebeatables - Episode 362: Burger Counseling

This Thursday, the boys talk Myles Turner’s progression and his legitimate chance at Defensive Player of the Year. Plus, they grade the Pacers’ season at the halfway mark, hand out their mid-season Undebeatabawards for the NBA, and chat burger binging and cooties.

Halftime: Menudo Boyz by Ghost Gun Summer

The Undebeatables - Episode 349: You Can't Contain Language

Your Indiana Pacers have embarked on a pivotal Western road swing without Oladipo. The Undebeatables give thoughts and advice, which Coach McMillan is already heeding. So keep up and check us out. Plus, Yam talk. Go Pacers!

Halftime: Fater Lee by Black Ant