The Undebeatables - Extras 16: 101 to 150 - An Awesome of Undebeatables

Enjoy a stroll down memory lane with this clip show from Undebeatables’ episodes 101 through 150. Follow the show from our early years, while reliving the epic 2015 Pacer’s offseason that witnessed the breakup of the successful Smash Math teams and ushered in All-Star Paul George as Indiana’s undisputed leader of a small ball attack. To catch up from the beginning of our pod, check out Extras 005 and Extras 14.

Halftime: Higher (ft. Jimmy Jones & Tracie Cieara) by AxJ

The Undebeatables - Episode 208: Ode of a Grecian Urn

Enjoy an action packed show as your Undebeatables try to figure where Paul George belongs among the basketball elite, shouts out Larry Bird in honor of his 60th birthday, speculate wildly on US mountain heights, and unofficially adopt Tom Van Arsdale as their new mascot. Give us a listen, Pacer Nation!

Halftime: 99 Bananas by Scoot Dubbs


  1. Frei's Big Save
  2. PG Stats and Links
  3. Giannis 
  4. Bird at 60 Interview
  5. Trainer's Lap
  6. Tom Van Arsdale's Painful Record
  7. US Mountains

The Undebeatables - Episode 186: Mykonos Don't Much About This

The whole gang is back together to give thoughts on the Conference Finals, the NBA Finals, Paul George, and new Pacer Head Coach, Nate McMillan. Do the Cavs have a chance? Does Nate? 

Your Undebeatables are guest analysts on an upcoming episode of The Almighty Baller Podcast. It should be up in the next week or so, but go ahead and subscribe now so you are ready. Shout out to Proph! We had a great time. 


  1. TImmy's Awesome Shirt
  2. Is It a Z Shirt?


The Undebeatables - Episode 125: Fallen Soldiers and Veiled Threats

It may be the off-season but it's been a wild couple weeks.  The Undebeatables discuss more off-season moves, the Monta Ellis signing fiasco, a couple of questionable Larry Bird moments, and whether Bird and George are beefin' over the four spot.  We also try to convince the Bartender that the world is not ending as we say goodbye to yet more of his top 25. Tune in for all things Pacers, it's the Undebeatables!


The Undebeatables - Episode 104: Smibberts

The boys discuss how wide open the Eastern Conference appears and speculate wildly about how far your Indiana Pacers can climb in the standings. The Blue and Gold are coming together at the right time! Plus, the bartender shares 6-10 of his Favorite 25 Pacers.


  1. Sitting Shiva for Leonard Nimoy
  2. Kroll Show-Chairs
  3. Kroll Show-Larry Legend
  4. Paul George Practices
  5. PG's Road Back, Ep. 2
  6. Rose Injured Again

The Undebeatables - Episode 033: Don't Listen To It… Stay Hungry

7-0 is pretty freaking sweet! The team talks about the Pacer's great start. Plus, a mind boggling Joey's stat, Celtic Jeff Green's game winner in Miami, Candace Parker vs. Candace Buckner, a Smash Math update, Larry Bird's new statue, and much, much more. The undefeated season is still in play. 

Halftime music: Got It Cause I Get It by L.I.F.E. the Legend

Links for Episode 33

  1. Empire Imperial Stout
  2. Ninkasi Total Domination (aka Pacer beer)
  3. Not "Riggin' for Wiggins"
  4. Hibbert owns the paint
  5. Jeff Green's Game Winner
  6. The new Larry Bird statue
  7. John Wooden surrounded by disembodied legs