The Undebeatables - Episode 028: No "Dislike" Button

With Triplett on the IR, the boys are forced to tackle complicated questions without the wisdom of their doctor. How much money will PG actually make, what do CBA and NFL stand for, why is Tamika Catchings playing center, and does Taipei count as a Pacer home game? Plus Harper's Colts Update and, not one, but two mind-blowing Joey's Stats of the Week.  

Links for Episode 28

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  2. Paul George's Max Max
  3. Bird on Granger
  4. Tamika Catchings is better than you
  5. JB Intensive Trainer
  6. Orlando's Apology
  7. Grantland Article on World's Loudest Crowd
  8. Shaq's Soda

Halftime music: Meaning by Scoot Dubbs