The Undebeatables - Extras 16: 101 to 150 - An Awesome of Undebeatables

Enjoy a stroll down memory lane with this clip show from Undebeatables’ episodes 101 through 150. Follow the show from our early years, while reliving the epic 2015 Pacer’s offseason that witnessed the breakup of the successful Smash Math teams and ushered in All-Star Paul George as Indiana’s undisputed leader of a small ball attack. To catch up from the beginning of our pod, check out Extras 005 and Extras 14.

Halftime: Higher (ft. Jimmy Jones & Tracie Cieara) by AxJ

The Undebeatables - Episode 222: Undebeatables On Ice

This Thursday the boys talk Pacers' road woes, relish in Chicago turmoil, and in the second half, explain to Paul George why the fans are booing. All that, plus Joey's Stat, Undegooglables, Game of the Week, and medical advice for bears. 

Halftime: Demanding X Ejaaz by Devi Franco


  1. The Prophet
  2. Rondo's Instagram
  3. Paul George and Booing
  4. Stat of the Week
  5. In a Nutshell
  6. Barnum and Baily

The Undebeatables - Episode 214: You Promised Me Chaps

Pacer Nation, your boys go deep on a plethora of issues including PG's public comments, Larry Bird's leadership, whether it's time to think about a coaching change, and the difference between Alpacas and Llamas. Are the Pacers having fun yet? Well, we know we are. Give us a listen.

Halftime:  Jax Teller by Cookbook (feat. inDJnous)


  1. Paul George's Comments on Fun and Team
  2. Indy Cornrows' Chris Cooper on PG's Season
  3. The Doctor on the Almighty Baller
  4. Alpaca vs Llama 

The Undebeatables - Episode 212: New Gear for the New Year

Cheers to the end of a rough 2016! The boys tackle the inconsistent Pacers, the antics of Boogie Cousins, and dissect a new tweak on All-Star voting. Plus, Joey's Stat, Game of the Week, and learn what you didn't know about stuff the boys don't know much about either in the Undegooglables. 

Halftime: Avant-large by Scoot Dubbs


  1. Identity is Inconsistency
  2. Boogie!
  3. Boogie and Meyers
  4. Auld Lang Syne
  5. Game of the Week

The Undebeatables - Episode 208: Ode of a Grecian Urn

Enjoy an action packed show as your Undebeatables try to figure where Paul George belongs among the basketball elite, shouts out Larry Bird in honor of his 60th birthday, speculate wildly on US mountain heights, and unofficially adopt Tom Van Arsdale as their new mascot. Give us a listen, Pacer Nation!

Halftime: 99 Bananas by Scoot Dubbs


  1. Frei's Big Save
  2. PG Stats and Links
  3. Giannis 
  4. Bird at 60 Interview
  5. Trainer's Lap
  6. Tom Van Arsdale's Painful Record
  7. US Mountains