The Undebeatables - Episode 278: Groupies For Minstrels

This show we break down a former Pacer's return to The Fieldhouse and, more importantly, why this Pacers team is so far superior.  We also answer an Undegoogleable and get a Stat of the Week.  Go Pacers!

Halftime Music

Pat App - Aim High feat DaJeanei' Dye


The Undebeatables - Episode 214: You Promised Me Chaps

Pacer Nation, your boys go deep on a plethora of issues including PG's public comments, Larry Bird's leadership, whether it's time to think about a coaching change, and the difference between Alpacas and Llamas. Are the Pacers having fun yet? Well, we know we are. Give us a listen.

Halftime:  Jax Teller by Cookbook (feat. inDJnous)


  1. Paul George's Comments on Fun and Team
  2. Indy Cornrows' Chris Cooper on PG's Season
  3. The Doctor on the Almighty Baller
  4. Alpaca vs Llama